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Session Preparation


Clothing should be kept comfortable and simple for everyone with minimal patterns.  Solid colors in neutral tones are ideal for complimenting skin tone, hair color and eyes.  Classic styles such as jeans, khakis, overalls and sun dresses are perfect for keeping your portrait from "outdating" itself.  Patterns and textures can be interesting in a family portrait as long as they all compliment each other.  Lori is happy to provide a complimentary consultation by phone, Skype or in person if so desired.  For kids, leave the shoes at home; bare feet are best!  For older children and adults, shoes should be clean and not distracting from the rest of the photograph.  When working with multiple children, clothing should be coordinated for the best results.  Hats, scarves and funky textures can be a lot of fun as well.

Newborn, Baby and Toddler Sessions

Maternity and Newborn Portraits

Waiting for a baby is an exciting time.  Lori likes to express the beauty of a woman during her pregnancy.  Many of those same clients also take advantage of her maternity and newborn package.  She returns during the first few weeks of the newborn’s life to take priceless portraits of the new little life.  She also offers storyboards and custom birth announcements as one of the many options available to you.

***Please consider the time of the day your child/children seem to be most awake and happiest
when reserving a session appointment.***

We encourage parents to be involved in the portrait session, but ask you to please observe and not put pressure on your children to smile or to "behave".  Children tend to get overwhelmed and distracted when several people are watching and/or trying to get them to smile.  We will talk with your child and let them play.  The more relaxed your child is the better their true self will come out in the photographs.  we prefer to concentrate on the child. However, we encourage you to bring along personal items of your child's such as a favorite toy, blanket or teddy bear.


Beautiful, new, bare baby skin is best, but feel free to bring along a few favorite outfits as well.  When selecting clothing for baby, try to stay away from shirts with collars that don't lie flat and outfits that baby may look "swallowed" in.  If you are going to be photographed with baby, stick to long sleeve, dark colored shirts or turtlenecks.  This will help keep the focus on baby and your faces rather than bare arms.


Toddlers are one of our favorite age groups to photograph. They are full of special qualities and have some of the most unique personalities of anyone we have ever met!  During your toddler's session, please remember that we know toddlers and who they are at this age.  Don't worry if your toddler has been shy with other photographers.  We will do our best to be patient, understanding, caring and ready to capture their uniqueness during this time in their lives.  And mom's, please don't feel stressed if your toddler cries or gets upset.  We always allow plenty of time for snacks, playing and even some cuddling time with mom. we prefer to concentrate on the child.  We also encourage you to bring along personal items of your child's such as a favorite toy, blanket or teddy bear.